Welcome to the website Pitkerton . Purebred dogs accompanied our family ever since. We became fascinated with the dogs' nature. " 12 years ago appeared in our first Amstaff family, but our adventure with cynology began at the time when he lived with us another dog breed American Staffordshire Terrier - Jailhouse Rock Lesotho FPT known household name and that he D┐ejro dedicate this site.

Dzejro accompanies us in our lives for over 8 years. It is blessed with a wonderful dog in the house worthy of terrier temperament. A wonderful friend, a household member, family member, but also a great dog show, which won a lot of competition in the rings of Polish and foreign. Dzejro is also a proven sire, whose offspring has inherited the traits of appearance, character and temperament. Often achieving excellent results also for exhibitions and won champion titles, and many times CACIB, BOB, BIS PUPPY, BIS JUNIOR, BIS TTB, BOG. And most of all the sites.

We welcome - Bogdan


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